Features “Invite” Game Through Facebook Will Be Deleted

Often annoyed because it can invite playing games like Farmville or Bejeweled on Facebook? This will soon stop, because Facebook will remove the service invite from third parties.

Through his official blog, Facebook announced it will remove the service invite that is often used by third parties. According to the Facebook developer page, the feature will be removed entirely on February 6, 2018. Facebook users will never again receive game invites, forever.

Facebook has indeed reviewed some features and services for third parties. Quoted from the official Facebook blog, Sunday (11/19), this is done to improve the convenience of users and communities on Facebook.

“We are continuing to evaluate the best way to serve our developer community,” said Facebook Engineering Manager, Ming Li on Facebook’s official blog.

“To support this effort, we recently reviewed our products and made sure our resources were focused on building and improving solutions that have the best value for developers,” he added.

Previously, the invite feature for game apps or other third parties was an important thing when Facebook started its stand. The reason, Facebook users of old time often play using social media to play games.

In addition to gaming invitations, Facebook will also make changes to some of its features. Among other Like buttons, sharing services through third party applications, Comment Mirroring, Share button, Follow button, and Sharing Insight on the Facebook Page.

In the future, users can not Like a Facebook account through third-party applications made, but must be on the Facebook page itself.

Source: Facebook Blog

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