Flexible and Transparent OLED Screen This is World’s Largest, What’s the Size?

The term flexible OLED screen may have often we hear before. Although not yet applied in a mass product, this category screen is still developed, even the manufacturing process has begun.

LG, for example, this South Korean company, is rumored to have made a jumbo-sized screen that is not only large, but also flexible and transparent. Because the flexible screen OLED technology produced by LG has a 77-inch diagonal. No doubt, this LG screen was staying as the first flexible and transparent screen in the world with a diagonal reaches 77 inches.

With a screen diagonal of 77 inches and has a ratio of 16: 9, if the screen is erected erect it will have a height of 170.5 cm.

As for specifications, this flexible screen has a UHD resolution or 3840 x 2160 pixels with a 40% transparency level. In addition, the screen can also be bent in such a way up to 80 degrees.

Although said to have been produced, but do not really expect LG will make a TV or monitor that can be curved and transparent in the near future. This kind of technology will initially be used for signage devices and the like. Even so, this remains an illustration of how far the OLED display has developed in recent years.

So, step by step is expected in the future will also come a consumer electronic devices with flesksibel screen, including smartphones. As we know, in addition to LG, there are other companies that also work on the screen with similar capabilities, call it Samsung and Panasonic.

Source: The Verge

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