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    DCI Indonesia Presents Microsoft Express Route Through Cooperation With Equinix

    DCI Indonesia, the first data center to achieve Uptime Institute Design Certified Tier IV in Southeast Asia, yesterday (7/8/17) announces the launch of its newest product, DCI CloudConnect, in partnership with Equinix, a global interconnection and data center company. DCI CloudConnect is a product that helps customers connect to a global cloud service provider over a private network that provides predictable security and performance guarantees. This product uses Equinix Cloud Exchange technology in Singapore.

    Many companies implement hybrid clouds through private interconnects to gain the flexibility and economic benefits of cloud services, while still being able to control the on-premise infrastructure. Based on Frost & Sullivan’s research, Indonesia is expected to experience Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 38.6% of the growth of cloud service spending from 2016 to 2022. With the rapid adoption of cloud services, DCI has prepared a shortcut to the global cloud, Ensuring company data is in place.

    This new feature will address the need for security, and a good connection to global cloud services, and also accelerate global cloud adoption through private networks. This will enable the company to access global cloud services from DCI facilities quickly and more effectively, through a secure and reliable exchange system.

    In partnership with Equinix, DCI Indonesia utilizes Equinix Cloud Exchange TM to deliver CloudConnect DCI in Indonesia, which gives companies direct access to global cloud service providers such as Microsoft. The CloudConnect DCI product will also fix connections to cloud providers with maximum security, lower latency and more reliable. In addition, CloudConnect DCI products drive the Hybrid Multi-Cloud solution where data storage and data processing will remain in Indonesia. And CloudConnect’s DCI products will improve the customer experience by simplifying interconnection and making it affordable for the company.

    Toto Sugiri, CEO of DCI Indonesia said, “Today’s announcement signifies a significant achievement for DCI. Through our close collaboration with Equinix, we can now provide direct access to hundreds of global cloud service providers via DCI CloudConnect, powered by Equinix Cloud ExchangeTM. With a variety of cloud service providers including Microsoft Azure, our customers now can choose the best cloud solution that suits their needs and business and enjoy the flexibility, efficiency and productivity of cloud technology. ”

    Clement Goh, Managing Director, Equinix South Asia said, “Indonesia is expected to be one of the fastest growing cloud countries in Southeast Asia and we are pleased that Equinix can support DCI to meet the demand for premium data center interconnection and data services in Indonesia, CloudConnect DCI products to Indonesia. At Equinix, our goal is to provide the necessary interconnection requirements for our partners and all of our customers to succeed in the digital economy. By combining Equinix and DCI’s advantages, we can help our customers achieve the benefits of cloud technology in secure data center environments and cloud ecosystems.

    Finally, Yos Vincenzo, Cloud and Enterprise Business Group Lead for Microsoft Indonesia said “We are delighted to continue working with Equinix and its partner PT. DCI Indonesia. By providing access to our cloud services securely and directly, enabling our enterprise customers to benefit from cloud services, while keeping their data secure in Indonesia and secure. “

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