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    This is the Difference OPPO F3 Red Edition with Regular Version


    OPPO Indonesia again presents a new selection of selfie smartphones, with the release of the F3 Red Edition variant. This product is planned to be sold on a limited basis, similar to OPPO F3 FC Barcelona. It’s just a bit more unit.

    The question is, what’s the difference this F3 Red Edition with regular version? In addition to having a color tinted red cover that adorned the access line antenna plus gold-colored logo, OPPO F3 Red Edition will also be packaged exclusively. The packaging of this device has a larger size and is dominated by red. The box is thicker, and inside there is a compartment with fairly classy material. Its own sales package features scratched anti-mounted, softcase and other standard accessories.

    Another difference that is also presented by the F3 Red Edition is on the theme and interface of the device. On this phone, the interface is dominated by red. Starting from the background color, to the background menu icons are all red. Special themes that brought this phone is to adjust the color of the cover diusungnya.

    OPPO F3 Red Edition has also brought the latest version of ColorOS. Some newer features are also embedded by default. Call it Clone Phone. The features in the ‘Backup and Restore’ menu in the Tools / Tools folder allow you to clone all data from old OPPO phones to the latest F3 Series. Starting from Photo albums, contacts to apps.

    There is also Clone Apps which in the regular version must update ColorOS first to bring it up. This one feature allows you to clone applications that exist on the phone, such as WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

    Last is OPPO AppStore. Like most app stores made by mobile phone vendors, this innate AppStore also offers recommended applications and games that have been sorted and adjusted to the characteristics of hardware and mobile software. However, this AppStore also include a catalog of other applications like Google PlayStore.

    Those are some important differences from OPPO F3 Red Edition compared to regular version. OPPO F3 Red Edition will go on sale from August 12, 2017 via e-commerce blibli.com and shoppe.co.id, selected stores that sell OPPO smartphones and OPPO Store network throughout Indonesia, with the same price tag as F3 Black Edition and F3 Barcelona that is Rp 4.099.000, – or 100 thousand more expensive than the regular version.

    Just like F3 Barcelona, ​​OPPO F3 Red Edition will also be sold with limited units. “OPPO F3 Red Edition is available in limited quantities, but for the amount, OPPO ensure more than F3 FCB Limited Edition”, said Aryo Meidianto, Media Engagement OPPO Indonesia.

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