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    Online Learning Through Quipper Eases Students Get the Best Value!

    Policies on execution of the exam that is often changing often makes the students and parents become confused when they have to start adapting to the new system. But you do not have to worry anymore now, Quipper is a leading global education technology company already providing and distributing quality education through technology. The vision of this company brings education to have the best quality to all corners of the world. Quipper currently operates in the UK, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam and Indonesia.

    Learning through Quipper Video using computer and internet based methods showed significant results, 41% of the students passed SBMPTN. Based on survey data conducted from May to June 2017, 4,200 Quipper Video users, on average using Quipper Video to learn for 3 hours each day.

    As performed by Angellita Buulolo students SMAN 2 Tambun Selatan. Angellita said, “I never follow tutoring like friends, I just study for the UN and SBMPTN with Quipper Video because it can be repeated at home and the cost is affordable. Finally, I was accepted at UI Management department without bimbel at all! ”

    From the Quipper Video graduation survey, 41% of them passed the SBMPTN exam. Then, as many as 37% of users of Quipper Video who passed SBMPTN were successfully accepted in PTN Cluster A, consisting of ITB, UGM, UI, IPB, UNBRAW, ITS, UNAIR, UNHAS, UNDIP, UNPAD, Andalas, and UNS. This PTN grid is taken from university ranking data released by DIKTI.

    The data proves that the use of appropriate technology education services in order to support student learning activities, prepare for the exam and also improve the achievement. So students can develop their potential and have the confidence to face exams not only at the national level, but also at the global level.

    Source: Press Release

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