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    Nothing At All, Essential Phone Producer Company Already Worth Rp15, 6 Trillion

    Andy Rubin deserves much trust in the mobile world considering his track record of being the creator of Android, dubbed The Danger Hiptop (aka Sidekick). The strange material, the new company he founded that is now producing Essential Phone has been valued at 1.2 billion US dollars, although not yet the product has not been launched.

    Rubin began to declare Essential Phonepada at the end of May and at the time he was determined that the company would not take the path of preorders for the device, but simply “reservations”. A few weeks ago, Rubin sent an update claiming that the first device would be delivered “within a few weeks”, but so far not been proven.

    Even so, Tim Culpan’s Bloomberg columnist, as reported by Phonearena reported that FIH Mobile paid $ 3 million for “about 0.25%” of the company’s shares, which is equivalent to a valuation of 1.2 billion US dollars. This is not surprising because the company has got valuation of 997 million US dollars in July, despite the fact that there are still many obstacles in the product he worked on.

    Essential Phone is touted to compete with Apple and Samsung by relying on design and spek board. Will the goal work? What is clear we wait for the first product Essential Phone whether it will be well received in the market.

    Source: Phonearena

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