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    4G + Superior Services will Reach All Smartfren LTE Networks This Year

    Smartfren’s seriousness in rolling out 4G LTE services seems unnecessary. Not only the coverage of its services are quite extensive, in terms of support for Smartfren technology too.

    Munir Syahda Pravowo, VP of Technology Relations and Special Project of Smartfren, said that in the first half of this year, his side can already densify more BTSs to places with very high traffic.

    Smartfren itself as revealed by Munir, from the side of its 4G LTE service reach to date has reached 200 cities (large) throughout Indonesia. He also hopes until the end of this year the cities will be served connectivity 4G +.

    “Later we will see at the end of 2017 all cities that served LTE we already have densifikasi that we categorize as 4G +,” said Munir. Regarding 4G + technology, Munir stated that this is one of the last LTE technologies that can provide data services at a fairly high speed.

    Armed with this technology, activities such as streaming video on Youtube is expected to no longer happen whose name is buffering. Since Smartfren only adopts TDD and FDD technology standards, 4G + service is also new to this operator.

    “So, (service) 4G + is because a city there is a service we call with TDD and FDD.This is the advantage of Smartfren because other operators do not have TDD, except Bolt !,” he concluded.

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