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    Afraid of Left Apple, TSMC Spend 20 Billion USD to Build This Facility

    The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company may not really be the name of a household device, but it is one of the major players in the manufacturing of smartphone components. While companies like Qualcomm, MediaTek and Apple are designing their own chipsets, TSMC is the company that manufactures them.

    As for its competitors such as Samsung Semiconductor and Intel has always strived to continue to improve and issue a variety of innovations in the process penggarapannya. TSMC has made a long-term roadmap until 2022 that will prepare a 3nm semiconductor production line.

    The high-end chip currently uses a 10nm process, so TSMC has to work harder to realize a chipset with three times the size of the process. The end result is a more powerful chip even for the most casual smartphone users though.

    But to generate its own 3nm process, TSMC needs to build a factory that is entirely dedicated to it. Some reports suggest that the semiconductor company is currently working on building a chipset manufacturing facility to be located in the United States.

    In an interview with Bloomberg, Chairman and Founder Morris Chang has revealed the estimated price to build the plant is likely to spend 20 billion USD worth of funds. This figure is quite close to the annual GDP of countries like Cyprus and Cambodia, which makes this number quite impressive for a technologically advanced company though.

    The decision to pour this much money seems to be so closely related to Apple. TSMC has been the sole supplier of Apple chipsets for several years, putting the iPhone makers as their customer chipsets. Reportedly this new factory is an investment made to convince Apple to continue to make TSMC as a supplier of chipset components garapannya.

    But if 2022 seems too far from now, at least there are two more generations to go through to create a chipset with 7nm and 5nm processes. The 7nm process is expected to reach consumers from next year, while the 5nm process will probably debut between 2019-2020.

    Source: PhoneArena

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