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    Microsoft Integrate Cortana with Skype, Like What?

    Microsoft has announced that the integration between its virtual assistant Cortana and Skype has started rolling on devices with Android and iOS platforms.

    Cortana on Skype will be able to assist users in making sure users get helpful suggestions based on what is being discussed with others.

    For example, Cortana can give users a choice of restaurant, movie reviews, and even smart reply suggestions. This app can also schedule events and activate clock reminders.

    Users can also chat two directions directly with Cortana using bot conversations that resemble features that have already been present in the Google Allo app. “Get answers to questions, such as the name of the main actor in a favorite movie or the weather prospect for the weekend,” says Microsoft.

    Users can also ask Cortana to check flight status, offer stock quotes, or suggest the best restaurant in your area.

    Like Google Allo, integration between Cortana with Skype is for the first time will also be present first in the United States. Even so it is not known also when exactly this integration will roll into other areas.

    Source: GSMArena

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