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    Oops … OnePlus caught Collecting User Data Without Permission!

    One of the things to consider when choosing a smart device, is the data security factor of the user. It is a nightmare if the devices we use everyday, and we store a lot of personal data in them, apparently secretly collect personal data about the user. And this happened to OnePlus!

    The UK technology and blogger Chris Moore’s blog reported that OnePlus is secretly collecting user data without the user’s knowledge. According to Moore, new security features such as fingerprint scanners, and face detection can help keep your phone and files from falling into the hands that wrong, but rather difficult to prevent smartphone manufacturers to get your data. The smartphone vendor may want it (though it may face legal issues later on) by keeping your fingerprints in the archive, and even modern smartphones can easily store face recognition data.

    According to Chris Moore, OnePlus devices record information from a smartphone that is then sent to the OnePlus server at “open.oneplus.net”. Data sent by OnePlus devices includes:


    -reboot timestamp

    -screen on / off timestamp

    -application timestamp

    -Phone’s IMEI (s)

    -phone numbers

    -MAC addresses

    -mobile network (s) names and IMSI prefixes

    -wireless network ESSID and BSSID the phone’s serial number.

    OnePlus smartphone does not ask permission to users to send this data to OnePlus server, and this is of concern to users who want to limit personal data sent everywhere.

    Unfortunately, so far OnePlus has not confirmed this allegation. But if this is true, certainly OnePlus faces major problems related to consumer confidence.

    Source: GizChina

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