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    Scroll Big Update, Here’s New Outlook Features for Android and iOS

    Outlook for the mobile platform seems to be about to receive a major update of the article Microsoft has just confirmed that both Android and iOS apps will be updated with some new features and updates.

    Most of these new features are related to Calendar. Outlook for Android and iOS will later get a calendar sync feature that lets users view and edit Shared Office 365 or Outlook.com calendars.

    According to Microsoft, the engineers are now in the process of upgrading the shared calendar so that the process of synchronization to Outlook can start running. In other words, this brand-new feature may not be instantly enjoyed by all users.

    If you are impatient to use this new feature, there is a solution that allows you to start using it right away ie receive back sharing invitations from Outlook on iOS or Android.

    Another important new feature introduced today is the option to manage calendar delegates directly from your smartphone. This means Outlook users can manage other people’s calendars on the go.

    Furthermore, Microsoft added support for Meetup which is a new Calendar app in Outlook Android that can be utilized to manage the event schedule to be performed. For example, there is a new option that enables the creation of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly events.

    The iOS app will receive a new feature that lets users add messages when responding to meeting invitations. This new feature will be rolled into Outlook for Android at a later date. This update will take place gradually to all Android and iOS devices on the market to provide a more optimal usage experience.

    Source: PhoneArena

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