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    Growing Spreadtrum, Intel ‘Comeback’ to Mobile Processor Business?

    If during this Intel brand, more synonymous with hardware and software for PC, it seems you are wrong. Because in April 2012, Intel has released its first smartphone called Xolo X900. The launch of this smartphone is a solid start for Intel to enter the mobile business. The device was launched using an Intel Medfield SoC chip intended to pioneer Intel’s presence in the mobile processor business.

    Four years passed in fact Intel failed to achieve success in its efforts to enter the processor industry for such mobile devices. Nor is there a sign that the world’s giant processor business will make big profits in the long term. But at the end of 2016, Intel secretly worked on some of the latest generation of smartphone chips, which is planned to be introduced this year.

    As a popular processor provider in the desktop and server markets, Intel offers highly advanced technology and product performance. But in the Android OS-based platform, of course everything is different. On the Android platform, Intel x86’s toughest rival is ARM. Over the years, ARM has focused on low power consumption and a simple set of processor architectures that deliver powerful performance. Intel, has produced processors aimed at high performance and the general idea that the Intel x86 chipset has higher performance but lower battery life compared to ARM.

    In the Mobile World Congress 2017, Intel is working with Spreadtrum to introduce Spreadtrum SC9853i. Built on Intel’s 14nm technology platform, the SC9853i Spreadtrum targets the middle-class smartphone market. The core octa processor is built with a clock speed of 1.8GHz (Intel Airmont 64-bit), which enables high-performance mobile computing capabilities at ultra low power consumption levels.

    By collaborating with Spreadtrum, Intel is apparently working on presenting its best product while utilizing it as the most appropriate momentum for both companies to overtake Mediatek as well as gaining a solid footing in the mid-range smartphone market.
    The Leagoo T5c is the first device in the world to be present with the Spreadtrum SC9853i processor in it.

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