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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Be Provided Iris Scanner and Face Identifier?

    Since Apple introduced the 3D face recognition system by utilizing TrueDepth cameras in the FaceID feature on iPhoneX, it lures many other vendors to work on similar features. One of them is Samsung.

    Samsung excellence later comes with a much improved biometric authentication system. The latest news says that Samsung is working on iris scanning technology and facial recognition technology to be embedded in the Galaxy S9. Facial recognition technology that will be presented at the Galaxy S9 claimed faster with the help of software improvements.

    Local media in Korea also reported that the next member of the Galaxy S series will also come with an 8MP resolution camera front sensor that is identical to that of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

    The latest Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices will feature face scanning and iris scanning technology. Two authentication systems are present, in addition to the fingerprint scanner feature. So, the fingerprint scanner feature will still exist, although there will be two sophisticated authentication systems.

    In fact, facial recognition systems have been available for Android-based devices since 2011 when Ice Cream Sandwich was launched. At that time, the face recognition system was known as “Face Unlock”.

    But at that time, the feature received much criticism and criticism from users. Because it is considered unreliable and vulnerable to vulnerability, because it is easy to be ‘fooled’ or cheated by using pictures, photographs, or other tricks.

    On the other hand, experts call iris recital as one of the safest forms of biometric authentication today. Penisal iris can be used very well in mobile devices. The process is not as fast as face scanning, but much safer and more accurate.

    Source: PhoneArena

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