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    Update Android Message Bring Two New Features, Anything?

    Google just launched Update for its default Android app to all users starting yesterday (11/21). This update brings the Android Messages app from version 2.5 to version 2.7. Although there are no significant changes to the interface, there is a reduction in size as well as two new features integrated into the app.

    The first feature is Google Duo integration. This free Android video calling app is now gaining deeper integration with the video icon in the upper right corner of the SMS conversation window. With the integration, this application is expected to get more users in the future.

    The next feature is the method of sending or requesting payment from a friend. This service provided by Google Wallet is the first NFC payments service in the U.S. before Google changes its service name to Android Pay. Google Wallet also has its own debit card, even though it’s now also starting to switch names to Android Pay.

    As we quoted from Android Police, this app is also preparing to streamline the notification indicator. All new incoming messages will be marked by providing a “New Message X” indicator which is a turn of the previous indicator that reads “New Message Exists at the Bottom”.

    Another feature that is also not less important is to instill RCS support for dualSIM smartphone. RCS stands for “Rich Communication Service” which will offer attachments of larger size, read alerts, and notify you when the recipient is typing. RCS update will only apply to smart phones that have two active paths.

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