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    Work on Mass Production of Micro-LED Display, Apple Cooperate with TSMC

    Apple is reportedly working with Taiwan-based display component suppliers, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to solve the risk of shortage of display components and prevent the creation of micro-LED panel production problems. Apple collaborated with TSMC to develop the production of silicon-based Micro-LED displays. This is very necessary to be done by Apple that aims to avoid the obstacles that occur with the mass transfer to the LED chip.

    Once the Micro-LED display is mass produced at a more affordable price, then the display will reportedly be directly used in future Apple devices. The use of TSMC-made Micro-LEDs is likely to start as early as 2019. Reportedly it will appear on Apple Watch’s upcoming new generation.
    Recent reports suggest that Apple is currently reducing its existing micro-LED display research and development team in a laboratory located in northern Taiwan. Their current efforts do not mean that Apple has delayed or stopped the development of other display technologies. In addition to working with TSMC, there is the possibility of Apple calling back most of its Micro-LED research team to its headquarters in the United States.

    Apple’s interest in Micro-LEDs has actually emerged since the end of 2015, when it was discovered that the company secretly opened a laboratory in Taoyuan, Taiwan dedicated to the development of display technologies such as OLEDs and Micro-LEDs to be used on their future devices. You need to know, OLED screen until now is a technology that is widely adopted by Apple Watch and iPhone X. Not surprisingly, the vendor continues to work to develop sophisticated display technology for future devices.

    Long before it took TSMC to work on Micro-LEDs, Apple acquired a manufacturer of Micro-LED displays called LuxVue Technology in 2014. Some of its current employees may be part of Apple’s Micro-LED research team, in addition to former AU Optronics employees and children company Qualcomm SolLink).
    Then what’s so special Micro-LED to Apple impressed “insist” want to develop this type of screen?

    The Micro-LED display has many advantages over OLED displays. It is rumored to have a degree of color accuracy, contrast ratio, response time, and black color saturation is much better than the LCD. Micro-LEDs also have shades of color that are thinner, lighter and more energy efficient than OLED. The Micro-LED display also has an inorganic nitride-based LED, which has a longer lifespan than the organic compounds used on OLED displays.

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