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    2018, Time for Young Children to Leave Facebook?

    In the last few years Facebook is crowded with old age users. This trend continues even though Facebook has tried to “slavish itself”, among others by intensifying video content.

    In fact, young people have found a “new home”, namely in Instagram and Snapchat. It seems that young people do not want to network with parents.

    Research firm eMarketer predicts two million Facebook users aged 24 years and under will run away from the social network that Mark Zuckerberg founded during this 2018. The prediction is based on track records, ongoing trends, and other measurable indicators.

    More specifically, Facebook users aged 11 and under in the United States are said to be down 9.3 percent throughout 2018. Teenage users ages 12 to 17 will decline 5.6 percent, and 18 to 24 years will decline by 5.8 percent.

    For Instagram, eMarketer expected an increase of 1.6 million users aged 24 and under. Meanwhile, Snapchat is predicted to be scooping 1.9 million new users in the same age group.

    Instagram users are estimated to grow more massively than Snapchat. In total, regardless of age range, Instagram users mentioned would increase 13.1 percent to 104.4 million.

    Snapchat will also collect more user base, though not as significant as Instagram. This year eMarketer estimates Snapchat to accommodate 86.5 million users or an increase of 9.3 percent from 2017.

    “The Snapchat user base can grow from the old age group, because the platform is now easier to use after redesign,” said eMarketer analyst Debra Aho Williamson.

    “The question is, will young people still think Snapchat is cool, if their parents play in it? This is what Facebook faces, “he added.

    Source: eMarketer

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