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    Nokia Phone More Selling from Asus and Lenovo

    After hibernation from the smartphone industry, Nokia made a comback via HMD Global in 2017. The Nokia brand was still strong in the market, at least so according to research firm Counterpoint.

    In the fourth quarter-2017 report, Nokia is not in the top 10 global smartphone vendors, but the brand held HMD Global was able to sell 4.4 million units of smartphones in the past three months.

    That number raked one percent of the global market share, and put Nokia in 11th position. Nevertheless, there are many veteran phone vendors whose position under Nokia, such as Asus and Lenovo.

    This is countered Counterpoint analyst, Neil Shah, through Twitter on his personal Twitter account @neiltwitz. No more details about the number of units sold from vendors under Nokia.

    Sequentially from 12th to 21st positions are HTC, Sony, Google, Alcatel, Lenovo, OnePlus, Gionee, Meizu, Coolpad, and Asus.

    In addition to defeating some established players, Nokia also began to dominate some markets. According to Neil Shah, Nokia showed a resurgence in Vietnam and the Middle East.

    In fact, for some areas of the Middle East, Nokia occupies the first position as the largest smartphone vendor. Nokia also ranked third in the UK and is in the top five in Russia.

    Nostalgia factor

    Counterpoint’s firm also believes Nokia has a complete product portfolio covering all price segments, helping to boost shipments. In addition there is also a nostalgic side of Nokia’s past glory.

    “The sentimental value of the brand (Nokia) among dealers and consumers is accompanied by the launch of quality smartphones that help Nokia embrace market share,” said Counterpoint.

    Source: Ubergizmo


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