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    TCash Pocket of Permit QR Code from BI

    TCash’s official digital wallet service implements “Snap QR Code” based payments. This mechanism complements pre-existing payment methods, using NFC stickers and USSD protocols.

    The application of the QR Code Snap is actually introduced by TCash since late 2017. However, the operating license was issued earlier this year by Bank Indonesia (BI) as the regulatory body in the payment sector.

    “There are now three thousand (merchants) who use QR Code. We are in the last two weeks, “said TCash CEO Danu Wicaksana.

    TCash targets 10,000 merchants to apply QR Code by the end of the first quarter of 2018. One of the first steps to make it happen is by educating traders in Pasar Modern Bintaro, Tangerang.

    A total of 60 small traders in Pasar Modern Bintaro are directly guided by the TCash team to operate non-cash payments through QR Code technology. Head of BTC Unit Modern Market, Tri Murhayanto, said many advantages of this system.

    “We see a wide range of benefits that traders get, such as faster transactions without worrying about preparing change, and protecting traders from crime trading with counterfeit money,” said Tri Murhayanto.

    “The combination of QR Code presence for merchants, as well as TCash resource support, can certainly help merchants attract more buyers to expand their business,” he continued.

    After Pasar Modern Bintaro, the next target is merchants for retail merchants and other traditional markets.

    “Just in retail merchants are also like Hejo-Hejo, Es Teler 77, Gelato Style, Halal Guys, Kopi Tuku, etc. If the next traditional market is Mayestik Market,” said Danu.

    QR Code is the ultimate solution for non-cash payments

    With QR Code Snap, merchants already working with TCash do not have to provide EDC device facilities for transactions with NFC stickers. Merchants will be assisted to create a special QR Code and simply provide the appearance to be ready immediately when the transaction.

    “QR Code will be the ultimate digital payment solution because of its ease of deployment for merchants. We are delighted to be one of the leading electronic products providers that have been officially licensed to develop and use QR Code features from the government, “Danu Wicaksana said.

    “This certainly helps us realize our commitment to build a digital financial ecosystem to support the implementation of the Non-Cash National Movement in Indonesia,” Danu added.

    Danu boasted that there are three main strategies for easing the Snap QR Code feature, namely education, implementation, and mentoring.

    There are currently 50,000 merchants using TCash and reaching 15 million subscribers. TCash application was downloaded almost three million times on Android and iOS.

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