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    Proof Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Similar to iPhone X

    Xiaomi reportedly will launch Mi Mix 2S, the latest model of the Mi Mix line of smartphones, which popularized the concept of a bezel-less display in the gadget industry.

    Recently rumors that Mi Mix 2S will have similarities with the iPhone X, bezel less mobile made by Apple. The similarity is in terms of the navigation gestures to interact with the device.

    The allegations are reinforced by the emergence of leaked video that shows that Mi Mix 2S may indeed have a navigation style similar to the iPhone X.

    In it looks someone was trying out a thin-sized framed device that allegedly is Mi Mix 2S. He swiped his finger from the bottom of the screen to the middle.

    A moment later, a series of application windows can be moved horizontally, to move around the active application in the foreground. More videos can be listened below.

    Similar functions are known to exist in the iPhone X to access the task switcher. This phone does not have a home button, so the navigation process must fully rely on the gestures of finger movement.
    But the video did not show the upper side of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S.

    Bocoran Mi Mix 2s yang tampak sangat ramping dengan layar bezel-less.

    At the top of this it is said that there is a part of the frame that is rather protruding into the (notch) to load the front camera unit.

    This feature is similar to notch (bangs) like iPhone X but the location is different, as in the picture on the side.

    More information about Mi Mix2S is still little known. Leaked earlier mention that the kitchen runway this device will rely on Snapdragon 845 chip made by Qualcomm.

    The Mi Mix 2S screen is said to adopt 18: 9 aspect ratio with full-HD plus resolution (2,160 x 1,080 pixels), while the battery has a capacity of 3,400 mAh.

    Source: GSM Arena

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