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    Score Benchmark Galaxy S9 Lost from iPhone X, What’s Samsung’s word?

    Benchmark test results for Galaxy S9 have appeared. The Anandtech site was one of the first to release a benchmark score for Samsung’s latest flagship, when it was released at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, early March.

    As a result, the benchmark score of Galaxy S9 turns out under the iPhone X. What is Samsung’s response?

    AnandTech uses a variety of applications and testing focus. From GeekBench 4 (Integer Score and Floating Point Score), PCMark Work 2.0 (Web Browsing, Writing, Data Manipulation, Photo Editing), WebXPRT (WebView OS), Speedometer 2.0 (WebView OS), GFXBech Manhattan, to GFXBench T-REX .

    In the single core test for example, Exynos 9810 chipset planted in Galaxy S9 recorded a score of 3440. While the A11 chip that became the heart of the iPhone X scored higher, 4,630 points.

    Even in some types of testing, Apple A10 CPU that is on the iPhone 7 (release 2016) also get higher numbers than the Samsung Galaxy S9 chip.

    “One of the Samsung spokesmen confirmed that the demo unit (which is on display at MWC 2018), runs a special firmware and possibly has not been optimized,” says one of AnandTech’s teams, quoted by MakeMac.

    This is an unusual way to show a new product, why is Samsung installing an unoptimized firmware? Is it not ready for release yet or is there another reason?

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