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    Spotify Block Users of Pirated Apps

    The streaming music app, Spotify is reportedly blocking the Spotify service of favors or piracy. This pirated version gives access to premium subscription features, free of charge and ad-free.

    For users accessing the Pirated Spotify version, will receive a warning e-mail that there is abnormal activity in the Spotify app currently in use.

    Tangkapan layar email Spotify yang dikirim ke pengguna yang mengakses Spotify bajakan

    In the warning, Spotify also convince users if their Spotify account remains safe and usable.

    The new e-mail is in the form of a warning, because Spotify has not enforced suspend or suspended accounts that access the abortive application.

    If the user wants to reactivate his Spotify account, the Swedish company asks users to uninstall the fake Spotify app first, then download the original Spotify app from the Google Play Store again.

    These pirated applications are usually downloaded in the form of Android Application Package (APK) through the sites of providers of pirated / modified applications. For the Spotify app, modifications are made to gain access to Spotify premium.

    With premium access, streaming ad-free music and selecting songs at will can be enjoyed without having to pay, as well as premium features in the original Spotify.

    Spotify also cautioned users that it would suspend and stop Spotify accounts, if found to be accessing pirated Spotify again with the same account.

    Some users can not access pirated Spotify, while some other users claim to still be able to access the pirated app.

    Spotify is being keen to suppress pirated apps. On March 1st, Spotify asked Github to remove pirated Spotify named “Dogfood” from the Github repository.

    Source: GSMArena, Torrentfreak

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