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    Update Android Message Bring Two New Features, Anything?

    Google just launched Update for its default Android app to all users starting yesterday (11/21). This update brings the Android Messages app from version 2.5 to version 2.7. Although there are no significant changes to the interface, there is a reduction in size as well as two new features integrated into the app. The first […]

    Features “Invite” Game Through Facebook Will Be Deleted

    Often annoyed because it can invite playing games like Farmville or Bejeweled on Facebook? This will soon stop, because Facebook will remove the service invite from third parties. Through his official blog, Facebook announced it will remove the service invite that is often used by third parties. According to the Facebook developer page, the feature […]

    Make Instagram Stories Now No Need To Use Applications

    Instagram access through mobile sites increasingly matches the experience of crawling in mobile apps. Currently, Instagram starts releasing the ability to create Stories content via mobile sites. Users can share daily in real-time with “live” features on Stories, or simply share photos and short 15 second video snippets straight from the Instagram mobile site via […]

    Wow! Skype on Android Achieves 1 Billion Active Users

    Apparently the year 2017 is a golden period for Skype, because this year’s service messages and chats from Microsoft is rumored to have been downloaded more than 1 billion times on Android OS-based devices! Currently Skype has reached version 8.0, with added PayPal support, and several other features. And this achievement is also thanks to […]

    Like Browser, Twitter Working on Bookmark Features?

    Twitter is currently rumored to be developing a new feature called “Save for Later”. This feature will allow users to mark tweets to be referenced later or bookmarked some time later. Is a Twitter product manager named Jesar Shah announcing about the feature yesterday (10/10). Through Twitter, Jesar Shah said that the microblogging site began […]


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