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    Bixby Creator Leave Samsung, Leave to Competitors

    Former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Samsung Mobile, Injong Rhee reportedly left Samsung. Rhee reportedly migrated to Google and was tasked as an Enterpreneur-in-Residence in the giant technology company. At Google, Rhee will run the Internet of Things project under Google Cloud’s CEO, Dianee Greene. The figure, known for this long hair appearance, joined Samsung since […]

    TCash Pocket of Permit QR Code from BI

    TCash’s official digital wallet service implements “Snap QR Code” based payments. This mechanism complements pre-existing payment methods, using NFC stickers and USSD protocols. The application of the QR Code Snap is actually introduced by TCash since late 2017. However, the operating license was issued earlier this year by Bank Indonesia (BI) as the regulatory body […]

    Oppo F5 Contributes 35 Percent Total Sales

    Oppo F5 is staying as a “hero product” was first introduced on 13 November 2017. About three months on the market, the series has contributed 35 percent to total sales of Oppo. “The enthusiasm of the community is very high, all the best-selling Oppo F5 variants, even the Dashing Blue Limited Special Package sold out […]

    King of Markets, Apple Smartwatch Breaks Sales Records in Just Three Months

    The market of clothing items over the last few years has shown a positive stretch. Coupled with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, which allows the presence of new features to the clothing device. Reflecting on all the expectations in this segment, actual sales of clothing items never reach fantastic figures as smartphone manufacturers get. […]

    G2 Strategy, Advan To Surpass Samsung and Oppo

    By the end of 2017, Advan has made a remarkable achievement. Based on a report from the IDC research organization in 2017, Advan has broken into the top 3 best-selling smartphone brand in Indonesia and managed to beat its leading global brand rivals such as Asus, Xiaomi, Vivo and Lenovo. Performance Advan can be considered […]


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