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    This is the Best App Version The NextDev 2017

    The NextDev 2017, a competition that encourages young Indonesians to work through technology, has reached its peak. After passing the various stages of selection since July 2017, Cekmata, Squline, Karapan and Marlin Booking have finally been selected as four winners, setting aside the other finalists who entered the Top 20 round. These four best applications […]

    Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Be Provided Iris Scanner and Face Identifier?

    Since Apple introduced the 3D face recognition system by utilizing TrueDepth cameras in the FaceID feature on iPhoneX, it lures many other vendors to work on similar features. One of them is Samsung. Samsung excellence later comes with a much improved biometric authentication system. The latest news says that Samsung is working on iris scanning […]

    Appears on Samsung Site, When Will Galaxy X Go Glide?

    Who of you are curious about the Samsung Galaxy X folding phone? This smartphone is said to be debuting next year. But who would have thought, it turns out this South Korean vendor looks so prepare for the birth of this device, one of which is to launch a support page for Samsung Galaxy X […]

    Legitimate! Samsung Galaxy A5 Confirmation (2018)

    Since the introduction of Galaxy Alpha in 2014, Samsung has launched several models of Galaxy A smartphones every year. Repeating the prevailing traditions, the South Korean company is predicted to do the same for next year. Reportedly, Galaxy A5 and A7 (2018) is scheduled to be released soon in the near future. Samsung secretly justifies […]

    Saturn Apple, Microsoft CEO Called iPad Fake Tablet Computer

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently traveled to India where he happened to meet two journalists who both used Apple’s iPad tablet device. Well, unexpectedly Satya Nadella immediately threw a comment to one of the journalists by saying, “You need to get a real computer, man.” This ludacy certainly shows the CEO of the software giant’s […]


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