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    Research: 7000 Malware Repairing Smart Devices in 2017, Here’s The Solution …

    Based on Kaspersky Lab’s research results, it says that total malware targeting smart devices reaches more than 7,000, with more than half emerging in 2017. With more than 6 billion smart devices being used worldwide, more and more users are at risk for malware. Smart devices – such as smartwatches, smart TVs, routers, and cameras […]

    Take notes! 6 Things To Be Considered Mobile Banking Users

    Mobile banking is a perfect financial management tool for those who are very busy. No doubt the use of mobile banking is currently increasing in major cities around the world. Based on research from Mastercard Mobile Shopping Survey 2017, 25% of respondents in Indonesia revealed that they have used mobile banking application to make payment. […]

    45 List of the Best Paying CPM Advertising Providers

    If you have a blog or website but the income is still less than the maximum, Maybe you need to try some ways to get more money from your blog. There are many ways to earn money from blogs, and you can monetize blogs in different ways. For some blogs, PPC ads need a little […]

    Thanks to This Feature, Update Android OS 8.0 Not Need Big Memory

    One of the obstacles when you want to update or update the operating system that usually contains a large enough file is the lack of memory capacity in your phone. But the good news is that does not apply when you update Android 8.0. As reported by Arstechnica, according to the latest source.android.com documentation, Google […]

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