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    Philips Released Smartphone Large Self Battery, Like What?

    Although Philips is not known as a vendor of smartphone makers, but the Dutch-based company is occasionally it still likes to release mobile phone besutannya to the market. In collaboration with China’s ecommerce site, Philips officially announced its new phone titled X596. Targeting entry level, this phone comes with an intact aluminum material used by […]

    Fujifilm Released Portable Photo Printers for Smartphones, Like What?

    Smartphone is now a device that is always needed at all times. Communication devices are even now can be a practical tool to immortalize the moment thanks to a camera mumpuni pinned. To further simplify users who want to directly print photos from smartphones, Fujifilm now comes offering a square format portable printer designed specifically […]

    Smartphone Four Camera and Full Screen Display is Ready to Release End of Year, Like What?

    Huawei Nova series always showcase excellence on its screen, this time the company is rumored to be working on a new Nova series phones that will likely feature a full screen design. Speculation Huawei Nova 3 will have a very similar design to the newly launched Nova 2i smartphone in Malaysia. The leak, Nova 3 […]

    Microsoft Integrate Cortana with Skype, Like What?

    Microsoft has announced that the integration between its virtual assistant Cortana and Skype has started rolling on devices with Android and iOS platforms. Cortana on Skype will be able to assist users in making sure users get helpful suggestions based on what is being discussed with others. For example, Cortana can give users a choice […]

    Qualcomm Introduces Advanced Camera Technology for Android, Like What?

    Qualcomm’s mobile chipset maker has just introduced its in-depth sensing technology on its new camera, and this technology will soon be applied to Android devices. The new in-depth sensing camera technology or depth-sensing camera technology is strongly suspected to be embedded in the Snapdragon Mobile chipset as part of Spectra Module’s expansion program initiated by […]


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