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Microsoft Integrate Cortana with Skype, Like What?

Microsoft has announced that the integration between its virtual assistant Cortana and Skype has started rolling on devices with Android and iOS platforms. Cortana on Skype will be able to assist users in making sure users get helpful suggestions based on what is being discussed with others. For example, Cortana can give users a choice […]

Qualcomm Introduces Advanced Camera Technology for Android, Like What?

Qualcomm’s mobile chipset maker has just introduced its in-depth sensing technology on its new camera, and this technology will soon be applied to Android devices. The new in-depth sensing camera technology or depth-sensing camera technology is strongly suspected to be embedded in the Snapdragon Mobile chipset as part of Spectra Module’s expansion program initiated by […]

Facebook Make New Platform For You Who Watch Hobbies, Like What?

Who of you likes to watch a show, a movie or a theater? Or just want to get references and reviews of the cool events you want to watch. Lucky for you because Facebook on Wednesday (9/8) yesterday announced a new platform called Watch. This watch platform displays various informationhows on Facebook. Watch will soon […]

Microsoft Create Application For the Blind, Like What?

Microsoft has released another exclusive application for iPhone users, this time using artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks to tell the world to the blind. Called Seeing AI, the app, which is only available in the United States at this time, requires visually impaired users to point the camera phone to objects or people around […]

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